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Acoustic Diffuser / Reflector Panels – perfect for acoustic applications requiring a combination of sound diffusion and reflection, such as performing arts venues, concert halls and band/choir rooms.

The shaped surface of diffuser panels break up the direct sound reflections and direct them evenly throughout the listening space. Random disbursement of sound greatly improves sound quality in band, rehearsal, choir and performance spaces.

Auditoriums will benefit with the use of diffusers on the side and rear walls. Diffusers are often used in conjunction with standard acoustical wall panels. A combination of both greatly improves overall room acoustics.

Technical Data:
Substrate: 6/7 PCF rigid fiberglass asymmetrical box with chemically hardened edges and option of reflective or obsorptive face material.

Custom sizes available.

Box consists of 5 rigid fiberglass pieces attached to facing materials as one unit ready for easy field assembly.

All edges are completely wrapped to inside of box to prevent fray. (shipped flat).

Boxes can be rotated to create any dimensional design pattern.

For application and design assistance, contact PNC West, Inc.



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