mid review updates

-ive gone through the presentation and these i the changes i think need to be made to the current presentation: there are also new pages being added, and the order listed is the order i see the current presentation being laid out: see the current or existing 02.23.2010 presentation document for references which will be made by text:

-update cover art to match project – emphasis on acoustics/music/sound/etc.-JB
-new title: suggestion: detroit soundscape: urban acupuncture?

-last paragraph: reword to match current trajectory–no longer about dismantling -CR

-add sketch: large event -JB
-add sketch: small event -JB
-short narrative on each -JB

schedule:(move to fabrication section-see below) -JB
-02.26.10 – curved wall test
-03.12.10 – milling studies
-03.13.10 – foam seating test
-03.14.10 – surface coatings
-03.16.10 – mid review

mapping: -CR
-area of interest-overall
-typologies within area of interest-network created
-bus routes/circulation thru area
-business/or sites within area under investigation-acupuncture points
-soundscape of area? if possible some acoustic analysis/diagrammatic

business diagram:-CR

siting strategy: -JB
-redo siting strategy
-fix overlapping and misplaced text
-fix line weights: visibility
-isometric: actual area of investigation
-show network/circulation/path from area to area
-reference to renderings/representations towards end of presentation
-label business – reference to business diagram

performance + acoustics:
-“enhanced” misspelled -JB
-update bottom series: typology + use -JB
-add ergonomics diagram: seating, etc. -CR

acoustic reflection properties: -JB
-line weights too thick–fix
-text not legible- resize
-reference to acoustic reflection math diagram

acoustic reflection properties: -JB
-add new acoustic reflection digram

material acoustics: -JB
-update isometric milling patterns: swale, truncated, rough pass, voronoi?
-update placement strategy diagram: show where these would go

geometric explorations:(swale surface) -JB
-add kuka foam wall 5 milling diagram (new)
-add kuka foam wall 5 renderings

fabrication: -JB
-add updated schedule(see above)
-add milling test dwgs + renderings
-add milling test photos
-add kuka foam test photos(snapshots)
-delete old studies no longer relevant(poorly crafted “bumps”)

scripting: -CR
-update script diagram: variability, truncation
-update pseudo-scenario of acoustic reflection on site-add actual site+geom.

formal studies: -JB
-delete all old studies from this page
-add geometry matrix-reference to catalog or is catalog
-add speciation catalog(50)-reference to matrix

interventions: -JB
-redo/update all renderings/representations-current geom + scenarios
-update diagrams somehow
-show sectional relationship of scenario in representation
-show placement on map + network to other sites (relationships)
-use actual site photos gathered from area of interest


-foam matrix
-kuka foam wall 5
-milling studies w/coatings tests

-foreground general concept, explain how microiconography is working

-key is how algorithm is enabling the realization of what would otherwise not be possible
-intelligent site specific reflection/absorption

-what fabrication possibilities are created by the robot, and how are the products quantifiably differnet because of the methodology
-super controlled dispensation of foam
-complex forms

-catalogue of many diverse outcomes to show differentiation
-example of one that is taken all the way through

-business diagram
-flesh out how we’re occupying space
-tighten up narrative
-branding books


-relative locations of building typologies in the area
-sites, both specific and networked
-specific physical features of chosen
-existing sound
-physical features of the site

-different ways of reflecting sound
-bump unit geometry/types
-(bump with with dimple out the one side)
-milling patterns
-raster milling?
-bump assemblies
-bump scales
-gradient types
-diagrams of possible uses for bumps
-equipment storage
-bass traps

-how the script incorporates site variables
-individual bump geometry
-ergonomic incorporation

-video stills
-material tests

site selections
acoustic map of primary site
-types of sound
-sources of sound

scripting diagrams
-pull codes and regulations
biz narrative diagrams
secondary uses

1. major physical test

2. milling pattern tests
-talk to moji tomorrow
-develop a few surfaces that reflect our geometry

3. finished surface tests
raster pyramid
tie back? structure on wall?
milling pattern climbing handholds


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