mid-review | current issue

Post is subject to frequent updates and changes: post will be updated continuously with current layout pages as they become available until the mid-review at which time post will move to the ‘current issue’ page for further review. Only up-to-date boards will be shown below. Below is the index and order of presentation layout; layouts will be listed up-to-date if they are current and will move to bottom of priority list.
-Cover (up-to-date)
-Sketch (up-to-date)
-Mapping: area of interest-macro
-Mapping: typologies: area of interest: network
-Mapping: bus routes/area of interest circulation
-Mapping: business/sites within area of interest “acupuncture points” + info
-Mapping: soundscape map (?)
-Business Diagram
-Siting Process/Strategy: Acoustics (up-to-date)
-Siting Strategy: arbitrary (up-to-date)
-Program Typology (up-to-date)
-Acoustic Reflection I (up-to-date)
-Acoustic Reflection II (up-to-date)
-Acoustic Foam Treatments (up-to-date)
-Geometric Explorations: swale geom. (up-to-date)
-Geometric Explorations: truncated geom.
-Fabrication: foam wall 5 (up-to-date)
-Fabrication: photos (up-to-date)
-Fabrication: acoustic milling patterns (up-to-date)
-Scripting: pseudo diagram
-Formal Studies: speciation matrix (up-to-date)
-Formal Studies: speciation matrix–enhanced view:catalog
-Representations: renderings/scenes



03-Sketch 01

04-Sketch 02

05-Mapping: Site Selection

06-Mapping: Bus Routes

07-Mapping: Midtown+Cass Corridor

08-Mapping: Midtown+Cass Corridor

09-Business Strategy

10Process Diagram

11-Siting Strategy – generic

12-Program Typology

13-Acoustic Reflection I

13-Acoustic Reflection II

14-Acoustic Foam Treatments

15-Geometric Explorations: Swales I

16-Geometric Exlorations: Swales II

17-Geometric Explorations: Truncated Pyramid

18-Fabrication: Schedule

19-Fabrication: Foam + Milling Photographs

20-Fabrication: Foam + Milling Photographs

21-Fabrication: Acoustic Milling Patterns: Blue Foam

22-20-Scripting: Pseudo Diagram + Process

23-Formal Studies: Speciation Matrix

24-Representation: Small Scale Event w/Enhanced Matrix
25-Representation: Medium Scale Event w/Enhanced Matrix
26-Representation: Large Scale Event w/Enhanced Matrix


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