04.08.10-milling test.01

Possible geometry for tomorrow’s mastercam test, or not. This possibility would have robot foam spray initial double wall surface and then by building up layers on this surface create the barnacles. The .src file for this double-wall is finished and should be ready to go, leaving the process to the next two steps. The building up of layers could happen two ways; one, shock-crete style. two, by offsetting the initial surface and getting the intersection curves between this surface and the barnacles a series of robot paths would be created(see above). right now the final problem would be in getting the paths to infill the barnacles to make them solid, which would be need to get the tops of barnacles. this could be handles a couple ways, possibly by offsetting either the barnacle geometry and getting new curves or the offsetting(insetting) initial curves.final step would require mastercam style paths for milling.


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