04.11 | tests

-Small scale performance area test.
Testing single surface growth along the facade of the existing structure; The Bronx Bar. Surface is built to hug around the acoustical ellipse while also integrating back into the existing facade.
I think after having some time now with the script Ive came to the conclusion that the geometry is going to work and look well in one of either two ways; one, as large scale barnacles with no back surface (As in the first iteration done) or two, as a completely covered single surface with varying scales of barnacles(as in this iteration and the previous post). I might try a combination of the two just to satisfy my curiosity. I’m having to run multiple seed geometries in order to completely cover a surface but it seems to be effective with some slight manipulations and due to the fact that the new geometry is aware of the other barnacle points already in place on the surface.


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