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final digital presentation


final fab | performance shell

Performance shell constructed as lofted curves which hug an acoustic ellipsoid and stay within the boundaries of the robotic reach limit. Surfaces are curved to place mass towards the back of the structure and create a stable base as a free standing structure.

final fab | robotic paths

04.09.10-milling test.05

First iteration with varying barnacle seed size; 6″, 12″, 24″. This took roughly 45 minutes to create and clean up to this point [[a lot of cleaning up was needed and probably still not finished]]… are we going to be able to fabricate this…probably not. I think what would really be nice is if we could get the collision detection working but that it will iterate until the surface is completely filled with barnacles down to a certain size. So starting with 2′ barnacles the generations of collision detection will completely pack the surface generations reach a certain size–i.e. 6″ or so. I know we want variation in scales of barnacles, and I really like the direction this is headed but I dont think there is anyway we are going to be able to fabricate this. The previous tests seems to be more likely to get robotic paths from.

04.09.10-milling test.04

04.09.10-milling test.03

Relaxation test of surface with back exposed. *Not sure what is going on with the holes in the surface–working on that now.

04.09.10-milling test.02