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04.09.10-milling test.02

04.09.10-milling test.01

relax test 01

Current “barnacle” or truncated pyramid geometry with relaxation modifiers from 3ds max. although they give us a more “organic” or smooth geometry which is both conducive to convex reflection surfaces and natural robotic/foam movement/growth, I would go against sitting on many of these geometries which arise. At times of extreme relaxation on modules with a thinner profile/section, pointy stalactite-like geometries are created which are neither good for reflection or seating and serve no purpose for our project. In my opinion these geometrical growths of truncated pyramids need to be achieve an overlapping aggregation, which then trims and deletes “hidden” surfaces so that the intersections of surfaces may be welded in max. An alternative to overlapping aggregation would be to create a secondary aggregation/growth which works an offset height to the seating surface acting as “floor” or places for the feet and standing which will do away with the crevices that are now created by growing geometries off of edges. However as can be seen in the bottom image the contours from the geometry work better with the continuous robotic paths.

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